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<span style="\&quot;color:" rgb(0,="" 0,="" 0);="" font-family:="" \'times="" new="" roman\';="" font-size:="" medium;\"="">Christian Association (UCA) has performed a deep survey and noticed that near about 5000 refugees families are settled in Meerut whose children's don't have three times food and their work is picking rags. And no education, food, medical facilities are provided to them. UCA has initiated for giving them good education, helping them by giving medical facilities and tried to help them when ever is needed according to the capacity of the society, and will try to work for them to make them self depend. UCA motivate them and teach them lessons of humanity and how to love each other. We advice the parents by conducting weekly meetings, how to keep their children's and we make them aware that child labour is illegal and they should educate their children's instead of making work like rag pickers. UCA is also taking steps to educate them to be hygienic and to keep your areas clean because there is no health workers, and sweepers available from the government side. No body like to love them they are seen by hate. UCA look them and try to make their better living standards. They needs your prayer and support.

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